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Welcome to The Oratory

Welcome to The Oratory. I hope that you enjoy browsing through this website and that you will then decide to pay us a visit. We would be delighted to show you round.

The Oratory Schools Association has been providing an outstanding education since 1859.

We are proud of our rich history and innovative approach, which is at the heart of our long-standing reputation.

Our strategy continues to focus on offering an education that responds to the needs of families and prepares our pupils fully for their lives beyond school. We are therefore delighted to announce that The Oratory will become a coeducational school, welcoming girls alongside boys from September 2020.

This decision means that girls and boys will be able to enjoy an Oratory education from the age of 2, all the way through to 18.

The Oratory Preparatory School’s pupils have been enjoying the positive impact of a coeducational preparatory school since 1970, and have benefited from the breadth and depth of an Oratory education. It is clear that our current and prospective parents are increasingly seeking a family school that can serve both their sons and their daughters. Indeed, for some time many parents have been telling us that they wish their daughters could join The Oratory. Across the country, there is a growing tendency for senior school children and their families to seek a coeducational experience.

There is “something deeper” in an Oratory education – hard to define but undeniable – by virtue of its unique ethos and history as the only school founded by arguably the greatest educational thinker of the Victorian age, Blessed John Henry Newman. An Oratory education seeks to draw out innate talents and qualities from within all our young people, and instil in them a sense of joy.

The school’s ethos and values will remain unchanged. Our sense of community, where every individual is valued and nurtured, can only be enhanced by the arrival of girls to The Oratory.

By introducing a coeducational school experience, The Oratory will provide a place where our pupils can grow as rounded individuals and enhance their appreciation of their differences and their similarities. It enables us to extend and expand the vibrant academic and co-curricular life of the school and provides outstanding preparation for what lies beyond The Oratory by better reflecting the modern world. Pupils from The Oratory have always succeeded in a large variety of professions, motivated by a passion to follow what they love, to achieve great things for the benefit of themselves and the community, and to lead happy lives. An Oratory education helps the pupil to find their passion, whatever that may be.

As numbers across The Oratory Schools Association continue to grow, we take this decision from a position of strength. We recognise and embrace the changing world around us and look forward to welcoming future generations of girls and boys to join us in creating the next chapter in our history.

J J Smith                                                               M W Stilwell

Head Master                                                      Chairman of The Oratory Schools Association


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