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We wish to ensure that The Oratory School is accessible to talented students, irrespective of parental income. Therefore, any prospective pupil from a low-income family is eligible to apply for a Bursary to obtain means-tested financial support in respect of school fees. Bursaries do not preclude pupils from holding a scholarship award.

Bursaries can be offered to new pupils and those who are already in the school and whose families have suffered sudden and unexpected financial hardship.

When applying for Admission, parents must indicate in a separate letter to the Registrar that a bursary may be needed. The Bursar will provide an application form which should be completed and returned with the validating documentation requested.  All documentation will be treated as confidential.

The granting of a bursary is discretionary. In making its decisions, the School considers a wide range of appropriate matters including, but not limited to, parental/guardian income (from all sources), assets (including personal property) and other matters that are particular to the pupil such as family circumstances.  All Bursaries are reassessed annually.

Scholarships and Bursaries can be awarded up to 25% for individual awards which can be cumulative and supported by means tested bursaries where appropriate.