Inspection Reports


The Oratory School was inspected in November 2017 by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

This was a Regulatory Compliance Inspection, which judges on whether or not a school has met each of the Independent School Standards, as well as the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools, since the school’s last inspection in 2013. There are currently just under 500 regulations in the ISI handbook. The report is written to a strict template and uses very specific, generic  wording to report inspectors’ findings. Regulatory Compliance inspections do not give any information about the quality of education offered by a school and only record whether or not it has met the standards. Therefore, the inspection report will only state ‘met or ‘not met’ to a list of regulations. Due to the interrelated nature of the standards, a failure of one standard will often trigger failures elsewhere, for instance in the boarding standards.

As you will see, the School was judged to meet the vast majority of standards, including all those relating to the quality of education, pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, the premises and accommodation, provision of information, and the manner in which complaints are handled, and the majority of those relating to welfare, health and safety of pupils.

The school was judged not to have met the standards relating to pre-employment checks, largely relating to the administration of contract staff. However, we would like to stress that at no time was there any member of contract staff on site who hadn’t had the appropriate employment checks. Where any standards were “not met”  it was a matter of administration, often in the recording of checks, and in one area the renewal of appropriate training, that was incomplete.  As you can imagine, we were hugely disappointed by this oversight, especially as we work tirelessly to ensure a safe environment for our pupils. Needless to say, as soon as we were alerted, the Association put changes in place to ensure that the administration and processes and procedures, which is administered by the centralised Association HR department, would meet all ISI standards with immediate effect.

I would like to stress that, notwithstanding these areas requiring action, inspectors judged that the school’s “leadership and management actively promote the well-being of the pupils” and that pupils’ wellbeing was not compromised as a result of them.

We have already rectified the failures of procedure which led to these standards not being met, many of which are historic, because the inspection judges on compliance since the school’s last inspection in 2013.

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The Oratory School Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report 2017

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