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Ollie Monye signs University contract with Wasps Rugby

Congratulations to The Oratory School pupil Ollie Monye, who has signed a University contract with Wasps Rugby.

"We would like to give special thanks to The Oratory School, which has played a pivotal role in Ollie’s development as a rugby player.

Upon his arrival at The Oratory Preparatory School in 2013, Ollie had never played rugby but The Oratory School has allowed him to grow and fulfil his potential in the sport.

Many thanks to Mr Kemp who has monitored Ollie closely over the last two years, making sure he was training well, eating well and getting to training safely, often returning to school at ridiculous hours of the night. Mr Kemp’s rugby knowledge and advice has also been invaluable. We must extend our appreciation to Mr Hennessy and Mr Tomlinson who have helped coach and support Ollie’s rugby journey throughout his stay at The Oratory School."

Professor Sylvester and Dr. Ifeoma Monye (Ollie's parents).