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CCF Activity Camp: June 2021

This year’s CCF Activity Camp took place from Thursday 25 - Wednesday 30 June 2021 and was attended by 68 x 3rd form cadets from all three sections. Over the course of the six days, each cadet took part in a variety of outdoor adventure activities.

Day 1 saw all the cadets and staff making their way to Alice Holt's Go Ape in Farnham. Here they took part in three individual activities: Gorilla Games, an Outdoor Escape Room and a Tree Tops Adventure. This allowed each cadet to test themselves both mentally and physically, high up in the tree canopy. All coped extremely well.

Day 2 saw a group split with half the group going to the Andrew Simpson Water Sports Centre to try their hand at sailing and paddle boarding. The second half of the group remained on school site to work with the instructors from Face Events, taking up the challenge of laser clay shooting, archery, an obstacle course and laser tag.

Day 3 saw a reverse of Day 2.

Day 4 saw half the group travelling to a little wooded copse near Abingdon to work with Woodland Ways Bushcraft instructors, learning how to survive in the wilderness. Shelter, fire, food and water - the four requirements of human existence - were the order of the day.

The other half of the group took part in a navigation exercise out on the hills around Christmas Common. All coped well with map reading and compass work, returning to the buses in good spirits, if a little tired.

Day 5 was a reverse of Day 4.

The six days ended with Mass in St Joseph’s Chapel followed by a series of sports and a well-earned BBQ to finish the camp.

The cadets had an enjoyable time and we look forward to more adventures next year.