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Leavers' Rounders

On Tuesday 30 April, a team of The Oratory Upper 6th were invited down to Queen Anne’s School to take on their leavers in a game of rounders. 

The minibus resounded with confidence, until it became apparent that even those boys who had played rounders before were more than a little hazy on the rules. 

Queen Anne’s Head of Sixth Form was good enough to brief them on arrival, and The Oratory went enthusiastically in to bat, before realizing that one-handed batting wasn’t always quite as easy as it had appeared, even before remembering to hang on to your bat as you run for the first base.  Nevertheless, several boys did make Queen Anne’s run a pretty long way for the ball, and some speedy runners made it all the way round the bases, though more than one misjudged the sharpness of the curve and came sliding in an undignified heap across the grass as the fielders easily got them out. 

A good number of points were scored, but too many boys let their desire to score a rounder cloud their judgement, and were got out between the third and fourth bases. 

Our fielding was largely strong, but Queen Anne’s technique of contenting themselves with half rounders meant that they steadily racked up points, until they eventually sneaked into the lead and took the match with 20 points to our 19.5. 

The teams were rewarded with ice lollies, and a good time was had by all.