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State of the art ICT facilities are available throughout the school campus (including access points in student rooms). All students receive their own email address and have high speed Internet access. The ICT facilities are supported by a small team of staff who run a helpdesk as well as maintain and manage all systems. The Backbone services run at Gigabit (or faster) speeds and consist of 13 servers used to perform a variety of different tasks.

Forms 1 to 2 (Years 7 – 8)

All boys receive one period per week of directed ICT teaching, that is intended to give the boys the skills required to allow them to enhance their learning in other subjects. In particular they learn how to conduct research on CD-ROM and the internet and then how to present their work effectively using a variety of multimedia packages.

In the second form boys learn the basics of computer control and robotics through a series of guided investigations, using exciting LEGO robotics kits.

Form 3 (Year 9)

Our aim is to give students the key ICT skills required by universities and prospective employers alike.

Form 4 and beyond (Year 10 onwards)

We do not have formal ICT lessons in the the older year groups. Boys are however able to make full use of our extensive ICT facilities and benefit from technical support from our Computer Services Team.

M Sixsmith  BSc MPhil

Head of Computer Services