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Fees & Extras


School Fees:

Registration Fee £100
Acceptance Deposit £1,000: for parents living in the UK or EU

£10,000: for parents living outside the UK or EU

Boarding & Tuition £11,433 per term
Day Boys £ 8,322 per term
St Philip House
Boarding & Tuition £7,565 per term
Day Boys £5,639 per term


General Information

Registration Fee

The registration fee is payable upon registration and is non-returnable.

Acceptance Deposit

The acceptance deposit is payable to secure a place and will be repaid without interest by means of a credit against the final account from the School after the pupil leaves. If at any time parents take up residence overseas, the School reserves the right to ask for the additional overseas deposits as listed above.

Termly Fees

The termly fees include meals and school textbooks, but not optional extras or transport costs. The fees for each term are payable in advance, either on or before the first day of term. Alternatively, a monthly instalment scheme is available, operated by School Fee Plan  SFP Flyer https://www.myschoolfeeplan.com/TheOratory-RG8. Interest is charged on late payment. If fees remain overdue, we reserve the right to exclude your son from School. Any such action will not prejudice our right to payment and you will remain liable for all sums due to us. However the fees are paid, the contractual liability remains with the signatories of the Acceptance Form.


Should you wish to withdraw your son from the School, our minimum requirement is a full term’s written notice to the Head Master. Alternatively, our fees for the following term will be payable in lieu of notice.

Optional Extras


Tuition can be given in any orchestral instrument as well as piano, guitar and singing. The cost is currently £225 per term per instrument studied for ten 30 minutes lessons.


Extra coaching is offered in Cricket, Golf, Lawn Tennis, Real Tennis and Squash at a range of costs not exceeding £127 per term.

Sibling Discount

A discount of 15% is available for the third child of a family attending the Oratory schools at the same time and a 20% discount for subsequent children.


The following pupil insurances are available to parents with effect from September 2017:

Private Medical insurance with AXA PPP – this is optional and costs £75 per term.  All parents wishing to take out private medical insurance for their child MUST complete an AXA PPP application form: Pupils AXA PPP Private Medical Insurance (information leaflet and application form)

Personal Effects Insurance – this is optional and costs £10.08 per term: Personal Effects Insurance Leaflet  Personal Effects Scheme Details & Key Facts

Personal Accident insurance (including Dental) – this is compulsory and the cost is included in the School fees: Personal Accident Insurance Key Facts

School Fees Refund scheme – there is also an opportunity for parents to pay an additional termly charge to participate in the School’s Fees Refund scheme, whereby you can obtain a proportionate refund of fees if your child is absent from school for periods of time due to illness etc: OS Fees Refund Scheme

You can sign up for the optional schemes by completing the Opt-In form: Insurance Opt-In Preference Form 2018-2019 and the termly premiums will be charged in advance on your School fee invoices.  Any enquiries relating to these insurance schemes should go to the Bursary (bursary@oratory.co.uk).

The School is insured comprehensively in terms of public liability and for all activities supervised by members of staff. The School takes no responsibility for personal valuables brought into School.

Travel Arrangements

Parents/Guardians must ensure that sufficient sums of money to cover the cost of half-term and end-of-term travel arrangements are sent to the School in advance and kept as pocket money by the School until required.