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Blessed John Henry Newman’s Feast Day


10 October 2018

9 October was kept in some style.As one of the great feast days for the whole Oratorian world as well as for the schools which he founded, it was good to welcome Fr Rupert McHardy from the London Oratory to preach at our whole school Mass.

Coming from the Oratory founded by Fr Faber (now not too far from Harrod’s) it was fascinating to hear Fr Rupert link the two men seamlessly together. Faber was at one and the same time Newman’s teacher but also his follower. Interestingly, they had a common background in pre-Revolutionary France, the maternal lines of both men sharing Huguenot ancestry.

It was also very good to see a sanctuary full of sacristans and a large serving party. 1st XV rugby one moment, candles, incense and processional cross the next. It says a lot about the Cardinal’s school.

Fr Kenneth Macnab | Chaplain to the OSA

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