Bronze DofE Practice Expedition


18 May 2017

The recent Bronze DofE Practice Expedition was an early start for the 4th Form DofE candidates with a short bus journey to the lovely Chilterns area where they started on their 6 hour walking expedition, before setting up camp for the night, to rest before completing the next 6 hour journey over the chalky hills.  It was quite an adventure for many of our boys with a number of valuable lessons learnt.  Without exception, all six groups were certainly working better as a team by the end of the first day.  It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and sense of achievement the boys had at the end of the second day; although exhausted, there were smiles and raised arms as they walked into the car park to finish.

Let’s hope for weather just as suitable for the boy’s assessed expedition on the 21st June.

Thank you to the staff who supported the expedition and to the wider DofE team for getting boys prepared during Monday’s DofE sessions.

Danielle Burns DofE Award Manager


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