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Hopkins Jazz Night Success


20 March 2018

One of the musical (and culinary) highlights of the school calendar is the Hopkins Jazz Evening. It took place on Friday 16th March and was enjoyed by over 200 people. The Front Hall and Refectory were transformed into a French café. We were treated to wonderful food and an extraordinary evening of live jazz. The Jazz Band of the Oratory Prep School go from strength to strength, playing at an exceptionally high standard under the direction of Linda Anderson. The Oratory School Big Band then played a selection of jazz classics, followed by a selection of solo items: Jack Thomson on the violin, Thor Cutler on the piano, Daniel Phillips singing A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (which was enjoyed so much that the audience demanded an encore) and Fred Bale playing solos on the piano, guitar and harmonica, all in the same piece! It was our privilege to welcome Freddie Gavita to The Oratory as our guest soloist for the evening. The evening was brought to a close as he played a ‘late night’ set with our very own Gary Howarth and Phil Chaundy, all supported by the extraordinary talents of Fifth Form pupil, Olly Sylvester-Monye, on the drums. An unforgettable evening of great food, great company, and great music.


Images can be found here.

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