Real Tennis


The Oratory Sports Centre is home to one of just 26 courts in the country and is the original racquet sport from which the modern game of lawn tennis, or tennis, is descended.

Real Tennis is played in an asymmetrical court which contains many unusual features, sloping roofs, openings (galleries) in the walls and a main wall which has a kink in it (tambour).The game is played with racquets made of wood and hand-made balls and uses a scoring system similar to that of “lawn tennis” with the addition of a “chase”.

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Please keep Friday 10th November free from 7:15pm in the diary, for the very entertaining exhibition match featuring Rob Fahey and The Oratory’s very own Old Boy – Nicky Howell.

For more information please click on the link below from The Bursar.

Exhibition Match 2017

If you have any queries or would like to join us for the Exhibition please contact Marc Seigneur on or call us on 01491681303.