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I Am Known: I Am More

Loquitur Talk by Daniel Philips (OS 2014-2019)

This week The Oratory School had the pleasure of welcoming back Daniel Philips (OS 2014-2019), former Captain of Music and Drama, who delivered a hands-on Loquitur to our L6 Form about the importance of learning to network effectively as a student. It was a real privilege for our pupils to receive guidance from one of the Top Thought Leadership Voices on LinkedIn.

Daniel acknowledged that thinking about what to do after school can be a stressful process, but he gave us the following three tips to help alleviate these stressors:

1 - Embracing your path and being unique
It’s exciting to explore what’s out there. It doesn’t mean you always have to follow the crowd. Explore what motivates and inspires you. It’s perfectly okay not knowing what you want to do yet. Every step, whether forward or backwards, is valuable at a young age.

2 - Networking is your greatest asset
Networking at a young age can be daunting, but getting started is much easier than you may think. Everyone you know in your life becomes a part of your network. Each of us has a culmination of social circles. The number of people within your close and wider network is much larger than you think. More often than not, the best way to grow your network is to go through it. You never know where your next connection will take you.

3 - LinkedIn opens doors to countless opportunities
Speaking from personal experience,
LinkedIn has been an invaluable tool. Being on the platform at a young age is highly advantageous. You start to connect with people you do and don’t know, explore a range of jobs, and understand the importance of personal branding as a tool for self-reflection.

Our Head of Sixth Form, Dr Moses, added: “Daniel's experience of networking is only second to his ability to utilise those contacts he has made. His example is inspirational. I think we can learn a lot from Daniel’s experience and should seek to emulate the way that he has used his energy for such good.”

Thank you, Daniel, for this inspiring talk.




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