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The Oratory raises awareness for Stop Food Waste Day

Following on from Earth Day earlier this week, The Oratory School supported Stop Food Waste Day on Wednesday 24 April, a campaign that aims to raise awareness of the global food waste issue.

At lunch, students and staff enjoyed left-overs from the week that had been transformed into delicious new meals:

  • A soup made from nettles found on the school grounds
  • Tomato bread with tomatoes from breakfast
  • Potato bread made with unused hash browns
  • Sweetcorn bread made from sweetcorn at lunch the previous day
  • Chicken pie made from the roast chicken legs from Tuesday with the chicken skin crisped up and placed on the salad bar. The chicken bones themselves were then used to make a stock that went into the pie
  • Kale risotto made with kale stalks and the leaves going into pesto and steamed as a side vegetable
  • The salad bar containing the tomato and olive salad had Tuesday's bread in, to make it a panzanella style salad, while the barley salad was the grain from the salad bar the day before, just combined with orange and carrot to give it some zing.
  • Desserts included an "offcut" brownie pot, using the trimmings; a ginger tiffin style cake, which was simply 3 different trimmings of cake mixed together and set to create a new dish; fruit salad from breakfast set in jelly, and a bread and butter pudding made from pain aux raisins and milk that were not drunk at breakfast.

This was a very interesting and challenging day for everyone. Thank you to our wonderful catering team who took on this concept and the challenges that it presented. Next week, the school is holding a waste-themed workshop - more details to follow!

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