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Loquitur Evening with Amanda Muckalt

We were thrilled to host Amanda Muckalt for a particularly special edition of Loquitur this week.

Amanda Muckalt is the founder of Centre For New Leadership. With years of experience in the realms of business, leadership, and change, she serves as a leadership consultant, coach, and facilitator.

Her approach to unlocking business and personal potential centres on empowering leaders to tap into the inner stability of a settled mind and body. As she describes it, "The approach, which I discuss in my book The Stability Effect, melds innovative thinking with practical wisdom gleaned from decades spent on the front lines of personal and organisational transformation. Rooted in deep relationships, it revolves around maintaining bodily centeredness amidst uncertainty, navigating conflicting demands and information overload, and moving forward purposefully with impeccable timing. All the while, it emphasises bringing others along and fostering conditions for excellence".

Amanda shared insights into her academic journey with our students, revealing that her initial aspirations were to become a mathematics teacher. However, her career path veered into consultancy, ultimately leading to a highly successful venture into coaching and facilitation. She then delved into her eight practices for maintaining centeredness in the face of uncertainty.

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