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The Old Oratorian Network

As our U6th formers prepare for life after The Oratory, we remind them of the importance of our Old Oratorian (OO) Network, a community of mentors ready to provide guidance and work experience opportunities.

Our L6 student, Flo, took advantage of what our wonderful OO network has to offer and secured work experience with the award-winning architectural firm, Landolt & Brown, founded by OOs Adam Brown and Jan Landolt.

Flo shared her experience with us:

"I am very grateful to Adam Brown for the opportunity to spend a week at his firm. My first task involved researching the historical Sheffield Victoria station, delving into its rich history from its opening in 1851 to its demolition by 1985. I explored old photographs, town plans, station maps, and online forums, gaining valuable insights into the station’s transformations over time. Later, I was challenged to design a new station, guided by Adam's expertise. Starting with the broader cityscape and movement patterns, I mapped out key elements and drew the station site, learning the fundamentals of architectural drawing and planning. Throughout the week, I absorbed a wealth of practical and social skills and even had the chance to browse the office's collection of architectural books for inspiration.

This has been such a transformative opportunity for me - it has taught me so much, both practically and socially. I am thrilled to have been invited for future work experience with them, an offer I eagerly anticipate accepting!”

Adam added: "Flo is such a bright, creative, and personable young woman. If I haven’t put her off for life, she has exactly the attributes a good architect needs. I hope she makes it into Cambridge - they would be lucky to have her as a student. We enjoyed having Flo in our studio and hope she will come back again. Mentoring students from The Oratory is something that holds great significance for me. As an Old Oratorian, I recognise the importance of giving back to our school community and guiding the next generation of talent. It's incredibly rewarding to see students like Flo thrive and grow through experiences like these."

This experience highlights the power of our Oratory Community network in mentoring and shaping the future of our students. We are incredibly proud of Flo and grateful to our dedicated OOs for their ongoing support and mentorship.

If you are an OO and interested in getting involved in this programme, please email Hasna Bloore at 

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