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The Sacrament of Confirmation is a very important part of a young person’s journey in faith. It should not be omitted. Pupils at the Oratory School are given the opportunity to learn about and prepare for it in the Third Form, the year of entry into the Senior School. This is especially helpful to boarders living away from their local parish where preparation is usually done these days. Parents can be reassured that the school will provide an excellent substitute.

Lessons take place conveniently here at school. Boys are encouraged to actively participate in the programme and to appreciate the meaning and purpose of Confirmation. In groups of no more than 12, they have the opportunity to ask questions as well as to be guided appropriately. Most of those eligible go forward to receive it. Customarily it is administered by a bishop.  Each year a bishop form the Birmingham diocese or from further afield is invited to the school. The ceremony takes place on a Sunday morning, either in Lent or in the Summer, depending on his availability. Family members are invited to be present and sponsors often include either older siblings, relatives or close family friends. All this makes for a marvellous celebration of faith and growth in maturity and responsibility.