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The Royal Navy section of the CCF follows a comprehensive syllabus which includes all aspects of the RN and its pivotal role as one of the three services.

Last year our field-day took us sailing in two-man boats at a local lake, preceded by stand-up paddle-boarding, raft building and team-work exercises. So far this term we have concentrated on building leadership and team-working skills with MTA-kits and problem-solving outdoors. We are supported by regular visits from our Naval Chief, who has supported our classroom based activities in learning about ropes, buoyage and chart-work.

Upcoming activities will include trips to Portsmouth and visiting the HMS Victory and the RN museum, as well as many more opportunities to sail in the Summer Term at our local affiliated sailing club.

May will see our Biennial Inspection by Lieutenant General Sir Robert Fulton KBE, late Royal Marines and former Governor General of Gibraltar. As such, preparations are underway for a demonstration of all skills learned this term, including dry-training of rigging and de-rigging a Bosun, or similar craft, on the school-grounds and culmination of our work on leadership and team-building.

Mr D. Jezzard