Middle School


The Middle School comprises Forms 3 to 5 (National Curriculum Years 9 to 11).

The Third Year

Boys enter the Third year from various schools: our own Lower School, the Oratory Prep School and other Prep Schools, and other schools either in Britain or overseas. Typically there are four or five classes in the year. Teaching groups are broadly setted by ability, though there is much overlap in this year group, where the focus is on ensuring that all boys have a common experience and grounding before making choices at GCSE. The Curriculum is broad, and the week is busy. There is an induction programme for new boys, and academic screening is carried out early in the year to identify particular strengths and weaknesses.

The Fourth Year

Preliminary choices for GCSE are made in February of the 3rd year, though these can be adjusted later provided that the changes fit the timetable. All boys study a core of English Language and Literature, Maths and Religious Studies for GCSE, and then choose either six or seven other subjects. Typically boys do 10 GCSE subjects, though they can do 9 or 11 depending on ability. All boys have the opportunity to study subjects which are scientific, linguistic, historical, and creative.

The Fifth Year

The GCSE year is a busy time, and most boys will have assessed coursework to complete as well as preparation for the GCSE examinations. Advice is provided in study skills, and there are mock examinations in January. In tutor time, attention is also given to options for sixth form study, or careers. There is a teacher who is Head of Fifth year, currently Dr TN Danks, who oversees the progress of boys towards their examination, encouraging effort and checking on problems that arise.

Middle School News
Middle School News
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Thu 18 January 2018
There are no events scheduled.
Fri 19 January 2018
4th Form: GCSE Science Live, New Theatre, Oxford, depart 9.30am (return 4.00pm)
3rd and 4th Form Social: Disco at Rye St Antony, depart 6.30pm (return 9.45pm)
Sat 20 January 2018
Sun 21 January 2018
Senior Boarders' Outing: Oxford
Mon 22 January 2018
5th Form Boarders' Outing: Supper, 6.15pm
Tue 23 January 2018
IGCSE English Language Paper 2 (PM)
Wed 24 January 2018
Quarterly Grades
Football v Claires Court: HOME: J Colts A, J Colts B, Yearlings A, Yearlings B (KO 2.30pm)
3rd Form Parents' Evening: 6.00pm with Head Master's welcome, Morey Foyer, 6.45pm