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Choosing your career is one of the most important decisions you ever have to make. The careers library contains a wide variety of reference books together with information on most universities and colleges and many prospectuses and booklets. There is also a wealth of literature and posters on gap years. Talks and Lectures are given on a year group basis by outside speakers.

Tests and Questionnaires

Fifth formers can choose to take the Morrisby Psychometric tests which correlate individual skills and interests to career profiles. Although it is usually not possible to equate a personality profile to a particular job, the results of the analysis always provide an insight into aptitudes, experience of psychometrics tests and a basis for future discussion. This usually takes place in November with follow-up interviews and reports in the New Year. The L6th are invited to do a diagnostic centigrade test to help them start to identify courses which match their interests and aspirations.

Work Experience

All Fifth Form boys undertake a minimum of one week’s work experience in various fields ranging from media, manufacturing, retail, banking, caring professions, to archaeology, international relations, construction and photography. As part of the process, pupils are expected to write letters of introduction and CVs. Those L6th pupils who do not do Art & Design complete a second week in their post-AS Level period.


Pupils in the Fifth Form and L6th may choose to attend individual interviews with our external careers advisers from ISCO. Reports are sent home on their contents.

Carole McKenna BSc PGCE

Head of Careers

Mrs Mary Arkinstall BSc

Careers Team