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6th Form A Level Psychology Trip to London's 'Psychology in Action' Day

Last term, 6th Form A Level Psychology students attended 'Psychology in Action' by Education in Action at the Emmanuel Centre in London.

Students were treated to lectures from renowned speakers from academia and industry, who are performing cutting edge research in the field of Psychology, in engaging sessions designed to help them realise their potential and discover the impact they can have on the world. 

The trip served a fresh perspective of the varied application of Psychology in the world of work. Far too often, students believe that Psychology is only pertinent to the mental health and clinical field yet this excursion showed them that it applies to driverless vehicles, Sleep Artificial intelligence and so much more. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and on the coach ride back to The Oratory they were abuzz with this new-found information.

Ezra Ntege in L6th Form says "The experiences of the Emmanuel Centre were insightful and gave a range of information related to the topic of Psychology. The talks were given by experienced experts (some of which were professors in universities or psychiatrists, as well as other prominent roles in the field of Psychology). They spoke about their chosen topics for 30-40 mins before answering some questions. The talks ranged in topic from Anthropomorphism - the idea of how we bring objects and shapes to life, to the experiences of memory and the importance of it, 'Why sleep is important' and 'Why is it inevitable; how rational or irrational humans are despite most humans believing that they are rational.' 

The questions reflected the intriguing talks given by these experts, such as can AI understand and reciprocate human emotion and feelings to whether driverless cars can identify a human crossing and the risk within that. The talks were received well by the students, with most of us coming out of the talks with new and exciting information that we were unaware was part of the Psychology field."

Werner Janse Van Rensburg, Lead Teacher of Psychology says "All students involved embodied our core Oratory values, especially curiosity, with thought-provoking questions. The day was a tremendous success and fantastic experience for our students; they have already expressed their excitement for the next enriching and inspiring Psychology trip!"

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