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Sociology is the study of society - how people interact in groups.

A Level Sociology examines social behaviour from a variety of perspectives: how it originates and then develops, and the ways people are organised into groups according to distinctions such as class, gender and race. A Level Sociology also looks at the institutions and forces which shape and are shaped by groups within a society, such as the media, religion and education.

Sociology is a demanding academic discipline, and the grade recommendation is a grade 6 or above in any of the Sciences, a grade 6 or above in Mathematics, and a grade 5/6 in English Language. Strong written communication is essential as the Sociology student needs to discuss various scientific issues, as well as research methodology and debates in Sociology as well as have the ability to write about these clearly and concisely.


Course content & Assessment 

Paper 1: Complusory units - 2 hour written examination
Methods in Context
Theory and methods

Paper 2: Topics in Sociology - 2 hour written examination

Section A - one from option 1:
Culture and Identity  

Families and Households
Work, Poverty and Welfare Research                                                                               

Section B - one from option 2:
Beliefs in Society
Global Development
The Media

Stratification and Differentiation

Paper 3: Issues and Options in Psychology - 2 hour written examination
Crime and Deviance
Theory and Methods


Beyond the Course

Sociology provides an excellent starting point for any social science degree from Economics, Psychology, and Politics to Criminology and Philosophy.

A degree in Sociology can lead to many career options including Teaching, Advertising, Research, Marketing, and Business. Sociology is an academic subject teaching you transferable skills, so really it’s up to you on which area of work you choose to go into afterwards



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