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At The Oratory we want to give everyone the confidence to succeed with Mathematics by developing resilience and problem-solving skills

We believe we provide an environment conducive to all of our students achieving their potential in Mathematics, be it a grade 5 at GCSE to enable University entrance, through to STEP level success for admission into Oxbridge.


Beyond The Course

Maths is one of the biggest facilitating subjects and it is essential for many higher education courses and careers. Higher education courses or careers that either require A Level Mathematics or are strongly related include: Economics; Architecture; Accountancy; Engineering; Computing; Medicine; Teaching; Physics; Geography; Psychology; Cartography.


Mathematics is a compulsory subject for all students up to GCSE.  The aim of the Mathematics Department is to help all students understand and appreciate the elegance, as well as the utility, of the subject. There have been impressive recent advances in software development and interactive whiteboard technology that we use in our teaching; at the same time we are clear that confidence in Mathematics must be built on the firm foundations of basic numeracy and algebra skills.

While we have many talented mathematicians, we realise that some students find the subject very demanding. As a consequence, sets in the Lower School may vary in size significantly. Twice each week there is a ‘clinic’ for extra help or reassurance.

The Department has specialist classrooms, equipped with interactive boards to enhance our students' learning.

Mr Richard Ford - Head of Maths


Currently we offer:

·         Edexcel A Level Mathematics: one of the most popular 6th Form options.

·         Edexcel A Level Further Mathematics.

·         AQA Level 2 certificate in Further Mathematics: taken at the end of 5th Form by the top set.

·         Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics A: taken at the end of 5th Form.

The students are placed in sets for Mathematics, largely based on ability with a normal sized group in the 3rd, 4th and 5th Forms having four sets. The 1st and 2nd Forms have two sets.  The work is differentiated by choice of textbook and by speed of work. Extension work is done to stretch the most able students in the top set of each year group.


The Mathematics Department have successfully entered the UKMT Mathematics Challenge for Junior (1st and 2nd Forms), Intermediate (3rd, 4th and 5th Forms) and Senior (6th Form) students. We have done very well, with record numbers of students receiving Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Several boys have done well enough to be invited to participate in the follow-on rounds.

We also enter teams into the UKMT Senior Team Challenge (5th and 6th Forms) and the UKMT Team Challenge (2nd and 3rd Forms).

We also enter teams into:

Southampton University’s National Cipher Challenge;

Integral’s Ritangle Competition;

Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge.

Maths Support

Specialist Maths support is offered by the Curriculum Support for those who struggle in Mathematics.

Staff frequently give up their own time to give individual support and there are sessions throughout the week that students can drop in on.

Support programmes for those who need them are put in place in the run-up to external exams.

Candidates for top universities are supported in their preparation for entrance exams for Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, and other related subjects.


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